How to Know Your Body & Lose Weight in a Way that’s Right For You

how to calculate body fat Neath

If you’ve finally made up your mind to manage your weight and become healthier and fitter, that’s fantastic. However, you’ll probably get confused by the amount of information available on every platform on how to lose weight. Managing weight requires not only desire but commitment and planning as well. Keep reading to find out how to start your weight loss journey and also calculate body fat in Neath.

Make a commitment

The decision to change your lifestyle so that you can manage your weight and become healthier is a huge step. This journey begins by making a commitment to yourself. A good number of people find it motivating to sign a written or non-written contract to commit to the process. The contract may include information such as the amount of weight you desire to lose, when you would like to lose weight, the changes you’ll have to make to achieve healthy eating habits, as well as a plan for regular physical exercises. Services such as our body composition analysis can help you understand how to calculate body fat in Neath. This can give you a better understanding of your body to help plan a healthy diet and exercise regime to meet your goals.

Putting the reasons why you want to lose weight down on paper is another way to fuel your commitment. Put these reasons where they can act as daily reminders. Whatever the reason, whether you’d like to live a long healthy life, you have heart disease that you want to get rid of, or you just have personal fitness goals, write them down.

how to calculate body fat Neath

Set realistic goals

Setting short-term realistic goals and rewarding yourself in the process can keep you motivated. Your long-term goals may be to manage your blood pressure or get rid of some pounds, depending on personal goals and the findings from coming to calculate your body fat in Neath. Short-term goals may be eating breakfast, taking a 15-minute evening walk, or including vegetables or salad with your meals.

Body Composition Analysis (How to calculate body fat in Neath)

Most people have a rough idea of their weight, but it’s not common to find those who know what their bodies are made up of. Our trained personnel use professional scales to provide you with a report of your body’s composition. Below are the things that make your body’s composition:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Body Mass Index
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Muscle Mass
  • Body Water Percentage
  • Visceral Fat Measurement

How is Body Composition analysis helpful?

Body composition analysis is way more useful than the normal bathroom scale if you are in the middle of your weight loss journey. When on a diet, it’s common to weigh the same week in week out regardless of your best efforts. This may turn out to be discouraging in the long run and may tempt you to give up. We can help you calculate body fat in Neath today!

However, there are chances that you are actually burning fat, and your body weight comprises more water and muscle, which turns out to be a good thing in the long run as it helps burn more fat deposits. It can also be possible that you are causing more harm than good to your body by losing muscle or water, and all this can be reflected in the body composition analysis.

Find out more about our body composition analysis service to help calculate body fat in Neath here:

Body Composition Analysis

Now that I know how to calculate body fat in Neath, how do I identify resources for information and support?

Involve family members and friends that encourage you in your weight loss endeavours. Making lifestyle changes gets a lot easier when surrounded by people who you can talk to and depend on.

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