Emergency Medicine Supply

If you’ve run out of your medicines and your surgery is closed or unavailable we may be able to provide an emergency medicine supply via this NHS Wales Pharmacy service. The service provides for the supply of urgently required repeat medication to patients where they are unable to obtain a prescription before they need to take their next dose.

To do so we will need your consent to access some of your medical information via the Welsh GP Record. Only individual pharmacists have access to this and there are very strict security protocols. NHS Wales can check on who, when and how every record is looked at.

The record includes information such as the following

  • Name, address and contact details
  • Current medication and medication prescribed in the last two years
  • Allergies or any adverse reactions
  • Current problems or diagnosis
  • Results of any recent tests in the previous year, for example, blood tests and x-rays

It does not include any private discussions you may have had with your GP.  Your GP surgery will also be able to see any emergency supply we have made.

Our Pharmacy Team is here to help you manage your medicines more Easily and can offer advice on how to get medicines into line and avoid running out in the future. Our 247 collection points at both our Neath Pharmacies might also help with access to your medicines outside of normal working hours.

We are open on Saturday morning at our Victoria Gardens branch (9am-1pm) if you need an emergency supply. There are some medicines such as controlled drugs e.g. Morphine or ADHD treatments that we would not be able to provide but we can offer help whilst your GP surgery is closed.

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