Body Composition Analysis

What is Body Composition Analysis?

You probably know or have a rough idea of your weight, but do you know what your body is made up of? Our trained healthcare assistants using professional scales can give you a report of your body’s composition  and includes the following:

– Weight
– Height
– Body Mass Index
– Body Fat percentage
– Visceral fat measurement
– Body water percentage
– Muscle Mass

How will a Body Composition analysis help me?

If you’re trying to lose weight it’s much more useful than a standard bathroom scales. When dieting you can often weigh the same week to week despite your best efforts. We understand this can be discouraging and tempt you to give up!

The truth is (especially if exercising) that you might be burning fat with your body comprising of more muscle and water. This is a great thing in the longer term as this will help to burn further fat deposits. It’s also possible you could be doing harm by losing muscle, or think you’re doing really well when you’ve only lost water. Knowing your body composition rather than just weight helps you to make the best decisions and adjust your plan if needs be.

If you have too much body fat, especially at your waist, you might also be at risk of other health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes which can also increase your risk of heart disease or stroke. The test gives you an indication of how much damaging fat may be in and around your organs (visceral fat).

We’ll explain at your first appointment, what all the measurements mean and you will be given a leaflet for your reference.


What do I need to do?

You’ll need to remove your shoes and socks as the test is conducted barefoot. You will then be asked to stand very still on our scales for a few moments with your arms hanging by your sides. You might want to move any heavy objects on your person so we get an accurate reading each time you visit.


Can anyone have a Body Composition Check?

We only perform the test on adults who are neither pregnant or have a pacemaker, as the Body Composition Analysis involves a very slight electric impulse.

What happens next?

After everything has been explained, you’ll be asked if you want to make a follow-up visit. On subsequent sessions, you will be given a printed receipt with your figures for ongoing adjustment to your fitness programme or diet.