Happy Hour? What is the effect of Alcohol on your Health?


Let’s start as always with the good news! A study from the American College of Cardiology has shown drinking moderate amounts of alcohol can reduce stress-related signals which could lead to heart disease.

The researchers have said this is the first report to link moderate drinking with heart health in this way. “The thought is that moderate amounts of alcohol may have effects on the brain that can help you relax, reduce stress levels and, perhaps through these mechanisms, lower the incidence of cardiovascular disease.” says Dr. Kenechukwu Mezue from Massachusetts General Hospital.

The study defined moderate alcohol consumption as no more than one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men. You can check your alcohol units at this NHS website  . The results showed moderate drinkers had a 20-percent lower chance of a major cardiac event in comparison to low or non-drinkers. These participants also had lower stress-related brain activity according to PET scans**

However the results aren’t exactly a “green light” to start drinking more alcohol. Alcohol is now believed to be contributing to cases of certain cancers. The Office for National Statistics has stated that alcohol consumption in the UK remains at a high level. Approximately a quarter of people in the UK drink more than the recommended units and 2% are drinking above 80 units per week for men and 40 for women. This fact means that almost 1,000 deaths each year are due to alcohol related diseases or illnesses, putting pressure on the NHS and care services.

The UK has a reputation as a nation of drinkers, sadly millions of UK citizens are now classed as ‘alcohol dependent’. Cutting down on the booze can be really hard, especially when alcohol feels so much a part of our social lives.

If alcohol is beginning to take control there are modern clinical treatments which can help you find the discipline you need to drink in moderation, or if you want to go the whole hog give up alcohol altogether.

Our Alcohol Reduction service in partnership with Pharmadoctor may be the clinical approach needed to make a major change in your life. Whilst our advice is free the medicine dispensed is a once-daily tablet called nalmefene hydrochloride dihydrate (Selincro®) and approximate costs can be found at the Pharmadoctor website or get in touch for accurate pricing.

You can speak to us with full discretion and confidentiality to see how we can help you get back some balance and enjoy life to its fullest – without the hangover! Cheers to Good Health, or as we say in Wales Iechyd Da.

** [CREDIT https://www.acc.org/about-acc/press-releases/2021/05/05/19/14/alcohol-in-moderation-may-help-the-heart-by-calming-stress-signals-in-the-brain]

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