There’s a lot going on at The Health Dispensary to keep you and your family Healthy every month of the Year but we’re very excited about January 2020 as we have so many services that can help you and your family with health & wellness and any Lifestyle changes you want to make.

Stop Smoking

We’re on hand to help with regular NHS appointments to support you Quitting Smoking for good in 2020. Read More Here where you can also Book an Appointment Online

Lose Weight

Book a Body Composition Test Here to make a start on your weight loss journey. Depending on your result we can advise on the best method to help whether its rapid weight loss with our medically supervised Lipotrim programme or a more gently approach with Healthy Eating and dietary advice.

Get Happy!

The Health Dispensary has always been about Dispensing Happiness™ as well as prescriptions. Keep your eyes peeled in January as we begin a Worlds First with our project in collaboration with Cardiff Metropolitan University believed to be the first mental health intervention programme of its kind.

Visit your Pharmacist not your GP

For a range of common ailments and where needed FREE NHS treatments. Appointments available throughout the week from Acne to Veruccas! The NEW Sore Throat Test & Treat service can confirm if you have a bacterial infection and enables our Pharmacist to prescribe antibiotics if appropriate.