Lipotrim Weight Loss Programme

Lipotrim Weight Loss Programme

If you’re overweight and serious about losing weight, you can now get professional help from our team at The Health Dispensary. We were one of the UK pioneers of this Pharmacy Programme launching it way back in 2004.

Lipotrim is a Total Food replacement programme – we liken it to astronaut food ! so its not a programme to be taken on casually. Over the years we have had clients lose life-changing amounts of weight ,either seeking out help themselves or being referred by consultants prior to surgery.

Why is Lipotrim only available in Pharmacies?

As qualified Health Professionals we can assess your suitability for the programme, take a medical questionnaire and deal with any issues of existing medication , contacting your GP if needed.

Why are the prices different for Men and women?

This is because the metabolism is different so different sized products are available for men and women. Men have 2 shakes per day (larger) and women have 3 smaller shakes

The range comprises:

– Drinks – vanilla, strawberry or chocolate (vanilla and chocolate flavours can also be prepared as a mousse instead of a drink)
– Chicken soup
– Flapjacks – coconut or peanut butter flavours (both varieties contain peanuts)

Lipotrim has sadly been
discontinued. Chat with us to
discuss alternatives for
your weight loss