NHS Stop Smoking Service

Stop smoking with help from one of our Wellness Pharmacists. We understand how hard it can be to quit and have helped many clients to stop smoking.

We have 2 FREE services funded by NHS Wales to Help you Quit smoking in Neath

    • The NHS level 2 service is for patients who are receiving stop smoking support from Help Me Quit Counsellors. Our pharmacy can provide nicotine replacement therapy without the need to visit a GP. You will need to be registered with Help Me Quit to access this service.
    • The NHS level 3 service is where one of our own Pharmacists provides a course of stop smoking advice and treatment to patients wanting to quit. For this service you may be referred by your GP, from Help me Quit or you can self- refer.

Is there a charge for either Stop Smoking service?

This is an NHS service and support is provided at no cost

What can I expect with this Neath Stop Smoking service?

Our One–to–one service offers personalised, flexible support with FREE confidential support and stop smoking products. At the first session we’ll talk about your smoking history, your reasons to quit and what you think would help best. We’ll agree an action plan and set a quit date that works for you. We’ll help Monitor your stop smoking progress with carbon monoxide screening and Weekly follow-up sessions of up to 30 minutes. You’ll get help with all the steps involved in quitting.

You will get the best advice on stopping smoking medication and how best to use it as our expert pharmacists know all about Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). They’ll also be able to advise you on how stopping smoking and NRT can affect other medications you may be taking.

Do I need to Book Stop Smoking at your Neath Pharmacy branches?

Appointments are highly recommended for this NHS Help me Quit service.

Fee: NHS Free