Stress and ways you can combat it

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How many time a day do we hear the word stress? In a faster-paced, more competitive world with technology providing more to deal with rather than less, how can we best cope in today’s world. Whilst holiday season is here a much-needed break might provide temporary relief, for some people it brings even more worries and concerns.

Stress isn’t all bad!  we need it to function, to respond to fight or flight, to provide motivation. When it affects our well-being and behaviour -it might have tipped out of control.

How do we know when we are stressed? Psychological signs are perhaps most obvious- a sense of panic or overwhelm, teariness, avoiding issues or perhaps acting inappropriately or flying off the handle.

Physical symptoms such as palpitations, tension headache might be known warning indicators whereas stomach or back pain, indigestion or feeling faint might not be initially associated. However, all can be linked to being stressed and it’s surprising how much muscle and body tension can occur.

Behavioural issues such as over-eating, drinking too much alcohol or spending too much time at work can all be signs of a life which is losing its balance.

There are many things we can do to help ease stress, for example:-

  • eating regularly and eating the right nutritious foods
  • getting enough sleep
  • reducing caffeine and alcohol intake and other stimulants which increase the stress hormone cortisol.  Drink plenty of fresh water.
  • at work, taking lunch breaks away from the desk and possibly getting some fresh air (preferably whilst not smoking!)
  • saying no- great to have healthy boundaries.
  • exercise- for those feel-good endorphins
  • relaxation, meditation or improved breathing techniques
  • becoming aware of bad thinking and develop skills in tackling it
  • achieving a better work-life balance

We’re developing a range of courses at our clinic from trained coaches and health practitioners which we hope to offer online in 2023. If you are interested in learning more about stress, its effects and how to deal with it, please give us a  CALL on 01639 630000

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