What are Vet Prescriptions & How Do They Work?

how much does vet prescription cost in Neath

In the UK, vets have been a one-stop shop for all things animal-related for many years now. However, if your pet requires less urgent or long term medication, did you know that your local pharmacy can fulfil the prescription for you? Getting your pet’s meds from your local pharmacy might turn out to be a cheaper and more convenient option. We offer vet prescriptions and over-the-counter treatments for your pet’s needs. But how much does a vet prescription cost in Neath? Keep reading for more information.

Why do you need a vet prescription?

Some vet drugs have been classified as POM-V (Prescription Only Medications – Veterinary) by the Veterinary Medicines Regulations (2013). This means that these drugs can only be prescribed by a vet.

Some of the drugs classified as POM-V include antibiotics, pain killers and treatments for specific medical conditions.

Your vet has an obligation to provide you with a written prescription if need be.

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Are there charges for vet prescriptions?

In the UK, vets have to strictly adhere to a prescription protocol referred to as the cascade. This dictates the drugs that must be used in the treatment of animals. For instance, vets must use a drug that’s licensed to be used in that particular species and for that particular condition. If the drug is not available or does not exist, the vet is allowed to use a different product licensed for the condition in a different species, or another drug licensed in that species.

Human medicines can also be used in some instances. If none of the options are available, then the vet or pharmacist can prepare a product according to their expertise.

So, how much does a vet prescription cost in Neath? Your vet has a legal obligation to issue you with a prescription when needed; therefore it only makes sense that they charge a reasonable fee. This fee is nominal, such that it shouldn’t prevent you from purchasing your pet’s medicines.

Get in touch with us today for a consultation as well as a prescription. We always strive to maintain affordable costs and will offer you the best price and service we can. We will even match the price you would already be paying at the vets.

What animals can a vet prescribe for?

A vet can only make a prescription for an animal that’s under their care. This is as per the RCVS guidelines below.

For a vet to prescribe a prescription-only medication, they must:

  • Have total responsibility for the animal’s health, approved by the owner.
  • Have recently or immediately done a clinical assessment and have enough knowledge of the animal’s condition before the prescription.
  • Prescribe responsibly. The prescription should be correct, with the health and well-being of the animal put into consideration.

How much does vet prescription cost in Neath

Can I get a prescription for my dog without going to the vet?

You can find some antibiotics for animals at pet stores, in pharmacies or online without the need for a prescription. Even if you can use certain human antibiotics in some animals, it’s recommended that you get over-the-counter antibiotics for animals.

Now that we’ve answered the question, ‘how much does a vet prescription cost in Neath?’, keep reading to find out how we can dispense your vet prescriptions.

Can you take a vet prescription to the chemist in the UK?

Yes. At The Health Dispensary, we stock various pet self-care medicines like flea treatments, wormers and products for stress. Our trained pharmacists have skills in animal care and will provide as much advice as they can. They can also refer you to a vet if need be.

How how much my vet prescription costs in Neath?

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