Your Guide to Staying Healthy in Neath This Autumn

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how stay healthy autumn neath

Crisp mornings and darker nights, falling golden leaves, talk of Halloween and pumpkin spice lattes can only mean one thing – autumn is here! Whether you love or hate the season, there are a few key health considerations that are particularly vital in the autumn months. Unsure on just how to stay healthy this autumn in Neath? Here are 5 things you can do to protect your wellbeing in the lead up to winter!

Get Your flu Vaccination

When it comes to staying healthy this autumn in Neath, flu vaccination is a great place to start. If you’re over the age of 50, have certain health conditions, are pregnant or care for vulnerable people, you may well be able to get a free flu vaccination. If you’re unsure, call into The Health Dispensary in Neath for further guidance or find out how to book your vaccination appointment below.

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how stay healthy autumn neath

Stock up on Cold and flu Remedies

Though there are precautionary measures you can take to stay healthy in autumn, it’s not uncommon to fall victim to a bout of cold or flu in the lead up to winter. Preparing in advance will ensure you’re ready with all the self-care you need to tackle those pesky autumn ailments! Pay a visit to our pharmacy for cold and flu remedy recommendations to help you stay healthy this autumn in Neath.

Suffering from a seasonal sore throat?
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Update Your Skincare Routine

Harsh winds and sharp cold air mean that our skin needs a little extra TLC in autumn and winter. Take a look at our CBD skincare range at The Health Dispensary and treat your skin to the love it deserves. With ingredients like lavender, zinc oxide and ultra-pure CBD, this range effectively soothes the skin whilst supporting its natural healing process. Choose our thick caring cream to provide a strong barrier to the elements, or treat yourself to a luxurious bath oil for a well-deserved home spa evening.
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how stay healthy autumn neath

Quit Smoking

Why wait until the new year to stop smoking? Get a head start and enquire about The Health Dispensary’s NHS stop smoking service to stay healthy in autumn and beyond. With access to free confidential support and stop smoking products, we’re here to offer you the personalised 1-1 support you need throughout your journey.

Review Your Supplements

With the nights drawing in, it can be more difficult to get enough vitamin D from natural sunlight. When it comes to staying healthy this autumn in Neath, you might wish to consider taking a vitamin D supplement as a boost, particularly if you don’t often get outdoors. Certain foods like oily fish, red meat and egg yolks are a great source of vitamin D, too. If you’re unsure about whether vitamin D supplements are right for you, speak to a pharmacist or consult your GP.

man and woman on an autumn walk

Where can I get advice on how to Stay Healthy this Autumn in Neath?

For personalised advice and product recommendations, pop into The Health Dispensary in Neath. Our expert pharmacists will be delighted to assist you in improving your health this autumn and winter!

For advice on common ailments, smoking cessation or emergency contraception, you can also use our booking app to arrange an appointment with a pharmacist when it suits you:

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