What is medicated weight management?

Medicated weight management refers to the use of pharmaceutical medicines to assist you to lose weight or manage your weight better weight. Weight Loss medications are widely marketed and sometimes it is difficult to judge what is safe and effective. At The Health Dispensary our pharmacists ensure all the medicines we buy are those with the proper licenses and therefore safe to use.

Weight Loss medicines such as

are prescribed by our qualified Pharmacist prescriber and used along with dietary changes, exercise, and lifestyle modifications.

Using medications for weight loss can be beneficial for people who have struggled to lose weight through diet and exercise alone. Here’s why:

1. **Enhanced Weight Loss:** Medications like tirzepatide can aid in weight loss by reducing appetite, increasing feelings of fullness, and decreasing food cravings

2. **Management of Health Conditions:** For individuals with obesity or related health conditions like type 2 diabetes, weight loss can significantly improve overall health and reduce the risk of complications.

3. **Support for Lifestyle Changes:** While diet and exercise are essential components of weight loss, medications can provide additional support, especially for those who struggle with controlling their appetite or have difficulty adhering to dietary restrictions.

When we prescribe a medicine we ensure that the medication is suitable for the your health profile and screen for any interactions with other medications you may take. We will also monitor for any potential side effects as your treatment continues.

We will help you to arrive at a decision on whether to use weight loss medication considering your health status, weight loss goals, and the potential benefits and risks of medication use.

What can Pharmacists prescribe?

Pharmacists specially qualified as prescribers can prescribe medicines within their area of expertise. For weight management we currently prescribe injectable weight loss pens Saxenda, Wegovy and Mounjaro

*****We do not prescribe “off-license” products such as Ozempic which are in short supply for the NHS.


As with all medicines there are risks and benefits which we can discuss in your consultation. Generally you will need to have a BMI of 30 or more. If you do not know your BMI you can work it out at this NHS website. Your BMI or Body Mass Index is a measure that uses your height and weight to work out if your weight is healthy. There may be some people who are not able to use certain prescription medicines which Our Pharmacist can advise.

How much does weight loss medication cost?

The cost of our weight loss medicines include a personal prescribing consultation every week or month depending on the medicines you choose. You can check our current prices on each individual treatment page. Sometimes these medicines can be prescribed via the NHS if you want to check with your GP practice first.


Wegovy & Mounjaro
from £189 per month

Saxenda £60 per week

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