Flu Vaccination

Can I have the NHS Flu Vaccine for free?

The following people qualify for a FREE NHS Flu vaccination in Pharmacies in Wales:

Adults with long term health conditions
Everyone aged 50 and over
Pregnant women
Unpaid carers
Carers giving care in people’s homes
Care home staff with regular client contact
People with a learning disability
People with a higher body weight (a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or more)
Those who are immunosuppressed and their household contacts

If you have an appointment with your GP we’d encourage you to honour that, otherwise we’d love you to have your flu vaccine at our Pharmacies. The following questions may be ones you are thinking of, or be helpful in putting your mind at rest before booking.

What INFECTION CONTROL precautions are in place at the Pharmacy?

Pharmacists giving the vaccine follow the latest NHS infection control guidelines. In addition we have a state of the art Raybotix disinfection robot which we use to clean the air and surfaces providing an extra layer of confidence.

Does the Flu Vaccine work?

For some honest answers read more on our blog

Does a Flu Jab hurt?

The word “jab” is not a very good description of what happens! We’re very gentle and often people don’t feel anything, or at worst it’s a sharp scratch. The needle of the vaccine is pushed gently into the Deltoid muscle of the upper arm as this ensures minimum adverse reactions and best effectiveness of the vaccine itself. Let us know if you’re right or left-handed to minimise any discomfort.



Fee: NHS £0
Private: £TBC