Should I have the flu vaccine?


Of course its entirely up to you, but I thought I’d share some thoughts and facts which may help you decide what to do.

When is the right time?

As soon as possible – the flu season is generally from September to March.

What are the risks?

These are fairly minimal, perhaps some soreness in the injected arm although the majority of people hardly even feel it. Before we give the injection we ask you to fill in a questionnaire which should rule out anyone at risk of anaphylactic shock- a very rare medical emergency. If you have had the flu vaccine before then you are unlikely to suffer any bad effects this time around.

Does it work?

Every year the scientists take a best guess of what types of flu might cause trouble. Last year’s flu vaccine didn’t work terribly well but there are good signs that this year they’ve got it right.

Who is most at risk?

These include the elderly, those with chronic medical conditions or a poor immune system, pregnant women and carers. Most can get an NHS flu vaccine free of charge.

Will I catch flu if I’m generally healthy?

Keeping yourself healthy might help to prevent it but if you mix with a lot of people the risk is still there. Also think of others- you might spread to those more vulnerable than yourself.

What will the flu vaccine protect me from?

The symptoms of flu are very unpleasant – high fever, roaring headaches and body pains- feeling unwell enough to stay in bed. This should ease after a week or so, but you might not feel fully healthy until a couple of weeks afterwards. It doesn’t protect from colds or “man flu” which you’ll need to soldier on through!

If you decide to go ahead CALL our CLINIC on 01639 630000* to make an appointment for your FREE NHS FLU VACCINE

If you don’t qualify for one free and you’re over 18, we have a PRIVATE service  Book Online NOW

Either way the service will be carried out by a Pharmacist that updates and is assessed on their training annually, provided in an air-conditioned consultation room, with time for you to relax before and afterwards, ensuring you’re ready to get on with your day!

*Please call for any queries and terms and conditions. Your GP practice can also provide the NHS service.

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