How to lose weight for Summer

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This seems to be on the wish list of many before bearing our bodies to the summer sun. Losing weight is a matter of simple maths- to lose one pound you need to take in 3500 calories less than you use. However simple the maths, losing weight always seems a little more difficult.

There are many diets which promise a quick fix and personally I’ve probably tried most of them! The ideal is to lose 1-2 pounds per week, though often you may lose more at the start. Rapid weight loss diets that don’t give proper nutrition carry the risk of losing muscle rather than fat.

A commonly used measure of obesity is the BMI (Body Mass Index). This is simply a reflection of weight versus height. When seeing clients, I am very keen to explain the importance of body composition. Sophisticated weighing machines give a breakdown of the body’s muscle water and fat levels. This ensures that when losing weight we are focusing on burning fat rather than just focusing on weight. Some people often gain weight as they build muscle, which can be frustrating in the short-term, but is great for longer term weight management as muscle burns calories and is more dense, giving a leaner look.

Another tip I’m keen to pass on is keeping a food diary or journal. A study in 2008 showed that people who did this lost at least twice as much as those who didn’t. It also helps to record water intake, exercise levels and even mood. On that thought, it is often said that losing weight is 80{18289fc9367e4097169a006faef1370a186c78c56077efdadcb3d12975d19ab9} nutrition and 20{18289fc9367e4097169a006faef1370a186c78c56077efdadcb3d12975d19ab9} exercise. I suggest this is the second stage of losing weight.

The first step has to be 100{18289fc9367e4097169a006faef1370a186c78c56077efdadcb3d12975d19ab9} the correct way of thinking. Last year I completed a post-graduate course in Coaching and now apply this to wellness. I am amazed how much it has changed my thinking and how I’m able to put this into practice in my own life. If we have the right mindset, have planned well and don’t expect miracles, we are much better placed to succeed and won’t have to do the same again next summer. If you are interested in maintaining a body for life, please get in touch and I will do my best to help.

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