Supervised consumption is an NHS Wales funded Pharmacy service and is free for patients who need it. This service is to ensure a patient takes their medicines safely and regularly. It is often used for people who suffer from a substance or drug misuse problem.

Our Pharmacy team is friendly and non-judgmental and this service is carried out discretely and often in a private consultation room or area. Our Pharmacist or Pharmacy Technician will dispense the dose required on a particular day and observe that the medicine has been taken. The schedule is set out by the prescriber on the prescription form and cannot be changed.

How do I access supervised consumption in Neath?

Usually the prescriber will discuss the options with you and refer you to us if we are your pharmacy of choice. We do have the right to refuse if we do not have the capacity for you joining the service or any other issues that would detract from your care.

What do I need to do to attend supervised consumption

We will agree a time frame for you to attend daily or as stated on the instalment prescription. You will need to attend alone, not under the influence or any other substances or alcohol. You will need to allow time for any other customers in front of you and also for the medicine to be absorbed if it is taken under the tongue.

What types of Medicines are supervised on premises?

The most common medicines are Methadone used for people who are trying to give up Heroin and other opioids. Also used are Buprenorphone or Subutex and Suboxone.

This service is available only at our Victoria Gardens branch