Cholesterol testing

Cholesterol is an important substance for our bodies to work properly but too much can lead to a build up on the walls of your arteries. This restricts the blood flow to your heart  and can lead to Heart disease and Stroke. Having high cholesterol itself doesn’t cause any symptoms, soyou could have high cholesterol and not even know about it.

What can I expect from a Cholesterol test?

We take a small finger prick of blood and have the results available within a few minutes.  The results will show your Total Cholesterol and the level of good cholesterol in your blood.

What is Good Cholesterol?

This good cholesterol or HDLs helps move bad cholesterol to the lover where it can be removed from the blood.  The ratio of good to and cholesterol is a good measure of your risk.

Our Wellness Pharmacists are on hand to advise further and also suggest any lifestyle changes if needed.

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