Who can use the needle exchange service?

Needle Exchange is available for the growing number of people injecting steroids and other chemicals to build muscle, injecting melatonin for artificial tans as well as people with drug-misuse problems.

Why do we need a public service for Needle Exchange?

The purpose is to reduce the risk of blood-borne viruses and other infections in the individual and the community as a whole. This harm minimisation recognises that society may not be able to stop all people from using illicit substances and self-injecting and to encourage safe return of needles so they are not dumped publicly.

Is there a charge for Needle Exchange?

Needle Exchange is an NHS Wales funded Pharmacy service and is free for patients who need it.

Do I need to give my name to access the service?

Whilst an anonymous service you will need to provide your initials and date of birth. At first registration you will need to provide details about your injecting practices and lifestyle. This information is for an all Wales database to provide statistics on public health and regulate the supply of equipment.

What do I do when I come to the Pharmacy for Needle Exchange?

You should bring any old equipment for disposal. One of our trained team members can then supply clean syringes and needles.

Can I get Insulin needles or return old sharps?

This is a separately commissioned service and is not available for patients with diabetes. If you have diabetes you should speak to your diabetes nurse or surgery about local arrangements.

This service is available only at our Victoria Gardens branch

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