What is The HOSPITAL Discharge Medicines Review (DMR) Service

The Hospital Discharge Medicines Review (DMR) Service is an Advanced NHS Pharmacy Service that is unique to Wales. The service supports a patient’s journey from one care setting to another to help minimise confusion and error with changes in medicines. The review is totally confidential and held in an approved private consultation room or may be conducted via telephone or online. In person, you can request someone to come with you if you like, or if you have a carer they can attend or speak on your behalf.

How much is a Discharge Medicines Review?

If you qualify for the NHS service then you don’t need to pay for it. You can register for this service with our pharmacy at any time by speaking with our Team or emailing us

This ensures that if you or your relative has completed stay in hospital, when electronic discharge information is available it will automatically come through to our pharmacy.

How long does the medicine review take?

An NHS medicine use review usually takes around 10-15 minutes, depending on the number of medicines you are taking and the number of changes there have been whilst in hospital.


What will the Pharmacist ask me?

  • What medicines you are taking – we will have records of prescriptions dispensed with us, but not those you’ve had from the hospital (unless you were already registered for this service)
  • If you have an appropriate supply of medicines- so you don’t run out
  • We will check on any difficulties you have using or taking your medication
  • Our pharmacist will also check if you are taking regularly at the correct times

What happens after the meeting?

  • We will follow up with a call or appointment 28-56 days after your discharge from hospital
  • We will refer any issues to your GP if needed

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