Head lice Make the Local News with our 3 Top Pharmacist Tips


I was happy to chat to the Evening Post many years about parents’ concerns over Head lice. Since then its a topic we revisit regularly especially when school starts in the autumn.

All our Pharmacists at The Health Dispensary are fully up to date on the latest guidelines advising Head lice treatment and can offer free NHS treatment. A lot of the concerns seemed to centre around children catching the little critters quite regularly. However this can be down to treatment failure rather than re-infection, so it’s really important to:

1. Use the right product – we can advise especially if your child has asthma or any skin complaints
2. Follow the directions exactly…ask our team if you are unsure

3. Repeat in 7 days to kill any lice or eggs that might have escaped treatment!

treat head lice

Also really important only to treat where there are live lice present. This can be confirmed by using a fine tooth comb and combing hair over a white piece of paper or a white sink. Head-lice are legged crawling insects a few mm in length and black in colour. Signs of the white waxy shell or nit are not a reason to treat- they may be empty and can be removed by combing.

Also treat all affected members with live lice in the household at the same time. This will reduce the chance of re-infestation. There’s no need to do a special wash for bedding. clothes etc.

Although we LOVE taking about Head-Lice we understand many of you do not! so if you’d like to talk in our private consultation rooms, please just have a quiet word with one of our team and we’ll make sure everything is handled discretely.

You can also Book a Consultation Online so we know to expect you in-store

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