Prescribing Happiness!

Woman with Happy Balloons

Go on Get Happy with our 8 week course called Prescribing Happiness!

How the course works: 

  • You will attend 1:1 weekly sessions of 45 minutes with Wellbeing Facilitator Jen
  • Sessions will be held at our Wellness Clinic in a private consultation room on the 1st floor
  • At each session, you will complete a worksheet of different exercises
  • You’ll receive a “Prescribing Happiness” wellbeing diary to complete three days a week for the duration of the course
  • The Diary and Worksheets are yours to keep
  • We’ll measure your Wellbeing and Happiness on weeks 1, 6 and 8

What is covered in the sessions?

Week 1:        Character Strengths: Exploring your Strengths

Week 2:        Positive Emotions: Gratitude and Hope

Week 3:        Engagement: Living Mindfully in the Present Moment

Week 4:        Relationships: Importance of Social Relationships

Week 5:        Meaning: Finding your Passion and Values

Week 6:        Accomplishment: Planning for the Future

Week 7:        No Session

Week 8:        Follow Up: Check In

Further Information

  • We’ll invite you to attend a ‘Follow-Up’ interview to give your feedback on how you found the course
  • All your data will be protected, and personal information will be kept anonymous
  • The course has been designed based on ‘PERMA’ a Wellbeing Model


This course is part of a PhD project working in association with The Health Dispensary Pharmacy and Wellness Clinic, Cardiff Metropolitan University and is supported by The European Social Funds (ESF) as part of a Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarship (KESS 2).
To see if you meet the eligibility criteria please get in contact with our Wellbeing Facilitator Jen on 01639630000 or email