New 247 Medpoint Prescription Collection Point

247 collection point

Our 247 Collection Robot has got busier and busier since its installation in 2018 as Wales 1st exterior automated prescription collection point. Today we installed another machine to provide greater capacity and quicker loading when we receive your NHS prescription at our Windsor Rd branch.

The Medpoint  which will be christened “Bill the Bot” works in the same way as our existing machine by tapping in a secure  code we text you and collecting via the hatch below.

How will I know which Collection Point to use?
The Medpoint Text will say its from the “White” machine and it has an 8-digit code rather than 6-digit. The text also says its from Medpoint – and not an SMS number. You can also receive an email if you have your email address registered which is useful as a backup and in future the ability to scan a QR code rather than entering a PIN.

Our existing Pharmaself machine will say its from the “green machine” and has its usual 6 number code.

We hope you enjoy using the machine and the convenience of collecting your prescriptions at anytime- we respectfully ask you to collect within 48 hours so we can help as many customers as possible due to the popularity of the service.

247 collection point

Register for this service by downloading our App and placing your prescription orders when you have about 2 weeks supply left. Inform your surgery that we will be your Pharmacy of choice to ensure your prescriptions are ready for us to collect !

Download our App

For Windsor Rd:

The Health Dispensary App

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