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As far as we know we may be the only or one of the few community pharmacies in the UK to have its own Facebook group. Why? we want to engage more and get your feedback on our products and services and find out more ways we can help with your Health & Happiness. It also helps us in getting our messages out quickly, easily and in an environmentally friendly way- no trees used!

It’s FREE to join – just click this link if you’re on Facebook

The group is in its infancy but we want to share more behind the scenes photos and videos so you feel included in the work we do and understand how it all comes together. It’s also a nice way of meeting the team, putting names to faces and learning more about pharmacy, Health & Wellness.

It’s also on the fun side as we like to be Happy whilst doing serious work, it makes the day more enjoyable and we think puts an extra sparkle into the goods and services we produce.