First Pharmacy in the UK to use UV disinfection

raybotix uv disinfection robot

Director Ali Sparkes was very keen to collaborate with Swansea University and the Raybotix team to offer UV and ozone disinfection at our 2 Neath pharmacies. In a recorded interview for social media Ali had the following to say….

Hi, I’m Ali Sparkes and I’m owner of the Health Dispensary which is a pharmacy and wellness brand based in Neath, which is my home town. When I saw the Raybotix machine, I thought, ooh, it’s like a little family member for our robots. It’s added that level of safety that is so important to us, as I feel it’s really important to look after not only our community, but if we don’t look after our team first, who’s going to help the people out there? Because of all our concerns obviously around Covid we’ve been taking every measure we could in terms of hand gels, masks, isolation distances, eating lunches separately – doing everything we could in a physical sense. When I saw the robot I thought wow, this seems absolutley marvellous because what this is going to do for us is really cleanse our environment as well. That helps to keep our staff healthier, reduces the risks and ultimately, for our consultation rooms, we’ll be able to use it there which will enable us to offer safer services once more. Also people coming into the shop and the pharmacy area will have the confidence that the environment is clean and virus and bacteria free.