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Christmas is coming and if this sounds a bit stressful to you …read on for 3 Things that might help

Christmastime isn’t called that for nothing! Time becomes a major factor in reaching that Santa deadline, getting the turkey cooked ready for that perfect Christmas dinner and so on. Our first article provides tips for managing our time through every season.

Christmas can also be a time of nostalgia, originally categorised as a disease, nostalgia comes from the Greek words nostos and algos (pain and homecoming). Seems it can also be good for our wellbeing, read on…….
Finally a snippet of our services that can help you through winter. Keeping clear of flu will certainly help, so check out our vaccine service and so much more on our website.

We’ll be back next week to check out how December is working out for you 🎄🧑‍🎄🎄

Dispensing 3 Happy News Items

There Are Enough Hours in the Day

Nostalgia: Why Thinking About the Past Can Be Good for You

Flu Vaccination to keep you and your family safe and well this Christmas

Have a Healthy & Happy Week from all of us !
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