A Healthy Weight Rx (Prescription)

Now Christmas is over are you starting to think about change? and if its losing weight how many times have you tried before without success?

Introducing our medicated weight loss program that prescribes success!
Our Healthy Weight Prescription helps you say goodbye to failed attempts and hello to a healthier you!

Are you a natural fit for our help ?

  • You’ve tried many times to lose weight via diet and exercise but find it hard to succeed or maintain weight loss
  • You have a BMI over 30
  • You’re aged between 18-68 years
  • You are looking at weight management as a longer term solution( 6-12 months minimum)
  • You expect to pay £200 per month for the expertise and prescription products we prescribe

To find out if you are suitable for our programme please get in touch using our website Chat button to register your interest
or email help@thehealthdispensary.co.uk