Exante plans for fast & effective weight loss

What is Exante?

Exante is a range of meal and snack replacements deliciously formulated to help with weight loss and weight management.All Exante products range between 200 and 250 calories containing 27 vitamins and minerals.

There are over 70 meals replacements to choose from, with the company always responding to consumer needs, developing new, exciting products such as a juicy new BURST multivitamin energy drink range.

Is Exante safe?

Exante products are compliant with both NICE and EU guidelines and have been used within NHS weight management plans.

Can anyone use Exante

Exante products are not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women or children under the age of 18. We can determine if you are medically eligible, especially if you are on medication. You should not use Exante if you are younger than 18 or over 71 years of age.

How do I use Exante?

Our Pharmacists and Healthcare assistants can explain how to use the product completely personalised to you! It will normally involve you replacing at least one meal with a shake, bar or meal to lose weight at an acceptable rate and help you achieve your goal.

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