NHS Stop Smoking Service

Stop smoking with help from one of our Wellness Pharmacists. We understand how hard it can be to quit and have helped many clients to stop smoking, so let us help with FREE confidential support and stop smoking products.

Group sessions can be a very effective way of helping to stop smoking, but you may prefer our One–to–one service because it offers personalised, flexible support.

At the first session we’ll talk about your smoking history, your reasons to quit and what you think would help best. We’ll agree an action plan and set a quit date that works for you. We’ll help Monitor your stop smoking progress with carbon monoxide screening and Weekly follow-up sessions of up to 30 minutes. You’ll get help with all the steps involved in quitting.

You will get the best advice on stopping smoking medication and how best to use it as our expert pharmacists know all about Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). They’ll also be able to advise you on how stopping smoking and NRT can affect other medications you may be taking.

Appointments are usually but not always required for this NHS Help me Quit service. You can BOOK ONLINE using the calendar top right. Just click on a suitable day and the available appointment slots will be shown with suggested times on other days too. Its easy to do and you’ll also get a reminder to attend!

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