EASY repeat ™ NHS Prescriptions

Make your Repeat Prescriptions Easy as 123!

  1. Let your surgery knows we are your preferred Local Pharmacy. If you have your white repeat slip that’s very helpful, otherwise we can work things out with you, so we know what items you will need next.
  2. We’ll work out when your medicines are next due and remind you about a week before (depending on your surgery’s requirements) via Text . With your approval, we’ll then order the items you need with your Doctor’s surgery.
  3. When the prescription is received by us, we’ll order your medicines, dispense and check them, and then send you a Text  say they are ready to be collected from either of our two Neath branches.You can collect In-Store our via our two 247 automated collection points – your choice!

It’s as easy as that! Call us on 01639 630000 or email pharmacy@thehealthdispensary.com with any questions you may have.